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Getting Your Car or Truck on a good preventive maintenance program can be the smartest thing you have ever done.
Especially with today's car prices.

We provide new vehicle warranty maintenance to keep your new car warranty in effect.

We are authorized to perform new car warranty maintenance on all makes and models as per section 77 of the Canadian Competition Act. Click here to see the LAW.
Our qualified technicians will treat you and your car with the greatest care and respect.
We can custom design a program for you based on your vehicle and how you use it.
Our computerized management system will keep records of all work ever performed on your vehicles, as well as send you service due reminders by mail or email if you wish.

This will be very beneficial for you in the following ways.
Saves you money in the long run.
Help eliminate costly unexpected breakdowns.
A higher resale or trade in value
 " we can print your entire service history in a flash for any potential buyers"
A much safer vehicle for your family.
Keeping your warranty intact.
Your vehicle will last much longer.

If this interests you, please call us anytime to setup a free consultation 250-342-6614